What is Bhavana Club

Bhavana means "to cultivate".  A farmer performs Bhavana when they prepare the soil and plant a seed.  This earthy word reminds us humans that in order for healthy plants to grow we must have the best soil. So we must ensure we nourish the soil (our minds), to provide an environment that will benefit us spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

To cultivate you must pull out the weeds, the most persistent, deeply ingrained ways of being and thinking, and sow the behaviours and ethics that you want to bring into your life.  That's when you can begin to sow Love, Kindness, Joy, Happiness, Humility, Gratitude and Peace.

"No matter how fallow it has become, or damaged it may be, a field can always be cultivated"

Our bodies are the transit of our minds, so it is important that we maintain a delicate balance among the mind, body and spirit.  Whatever we put into our body will affect us on a spiritual level.


Bhavana Club is not just a brand, it's a way of life. It's a collection of like minded individuals who want to be the best version they can possibly be of themselves.