Tongue health

Tongue health is a reflection of overall wellbeing in the entire body, if an organ is suffering in the anatomy, you can ensure that the tongue will be indicating this.

Ayurveda has celebrated the importance of tongue health for over 5000 years, however even in Western medicine, organisations are recently discovering the importance of good tongue health.

Both good and bad bacteria accumulate on the tongue, particularly on the back of the tongue.  The bad bacteria is mainly responsible for bad breath (halitosis) and it's important that we don't ingest this type of bacteria.

First thing in the morning in particular, toxins (ama) cause a layer on top of the tongue. The best thing we can do is take this layer of toxin away from the surface of the tongue before it is ingested back into our bodies. This is where the copper tongue scraper comes in.

A tongue scraper made of copper is not only more hygienic but it is biased in the way that it is harsh towards bad bacteria and goes easy on the good bacteria.  First thing in the morning we take our scraper with two hands, reach the blade part to the back of the tongue (as far as you can without gagging) and scrape away the ama towards the front of the mouth. Repeat this action 10-12 times. 

You will see the toxins building up on the scraper, it's a great feeling to wash this away down the sink, then just put the scraper away until the next morning (i used to put mine next to the toothbrush to remind myself to get into this new habit).  Now is a great time to brush your teeth and if you want to really treat yourself then do some oil pulling!